Global Roller's Company

Innovation, quality and research for the global marketplace

Innovation, study and careful research of always new materials, coatings and application areas for its products are a fixed and constant goal of Sifra International.

The Sifra International group strategically aims for constant evolution and technological enhancement and development to make the company capable of predicting and anticipating the needs and trends of the target market.


The leadership

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Antonella Bandera


Francis Catanese


Mariano Bandera


Patrizia Galuppini

Sales Manager

Antonella Bandera

Attention to detail

Sifra International's attention to detail is absolute: the company team works carefully to research cutting-edge technologies that can offer customers a final product that perfectly meets their application needs. Sifra International wants to provide its customers with functional and innovative products: for this reason, it invests in the continuous updating of technologies and personnel.
Sifra International's work is highly procedural and precise, both in production and timing. The diligence and meticulous attention to the mechanical drawing, the experience in its reading and the ability to govern the processing phases, leave no room for improvisation and guarantee full control of the execution of the job order. The staff is committed to offering the customer a product in line with every need for use, adapting it to the field of application and delivering it on time. Ownership acts across the board by creating a common thread with all the different function managers, thus ensuring proper communication of the objectives to be achieved.

Quality, safety and environment

Sifra International has always worked with constant attention to the improvement of its management system , especially with a view to the continuous improvement of production standards. This way of operating places Sifra International as a solid point of reference in the industrial market and makes it recognizable as an innovative company, both for the application of the best technologies and for compliance with the highest quality standards.

Dedicated solutions for every need

Sifra International is a qualified and experienced contact person who accompanies its customers from the initial selection of the most suitable item and coating to the identification of the best solutions for individual needs, to the implementation calibrated to the customer's needs and delivery, then to after-sales support.
Sifra International offers its customers top-of-the-line coated artifacts in the industry with excellent value for money. It interacts with domestic and foreign players, positioning itself as a reliable partner and a supplier of functional and innovative products.