Thermoplastic materials

Thermoplastics are the most viable alternative to metals. Thanks to their high characteristics, the plastic materials are suitable for various applications and in some cases they can replace metal.

Sifra International has been able to exploit the benefits of research and progress in the technology field, applying them to these products.

Sifra International provides thermoplastics of the following type:

  • PA6G – 6PLA – 6XAU – (polyamidic) Thermoplastic material used for the construction of support bearings, wear resistant bushings, sliding guides, gears, wheels.
  • POM – H – C – (polyacetal) Thermoplastic material, suitable for supports, and parts that undergo heavy loads, to be mounted through interference fitting and that maintain a good dimensional stability even in presence of water.
  • PETP – (polyethylene terephthalate) Thermoplastic material used for precision mechanical parts, which require a considerable resistance in relation to the load and wear.
  • HD 300 – HD 500 – HD 1000 – (polyethylenic) Thermoplastic material used in paper, mechanical, electrical, chemical, food, textiles industries; it is also employed in the construction of the sliding guides, support and cutting plates, supports, electrical insulators, chute coatings.


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