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Sifra International, Global Roller's Company

Sifra International has always committed itself to work closely with its customers as a provider …

With the support of the best available technologies, Sifra International is specialized in ..

The services offered by Sifra International are highly customized, performed according to the design so as to suit individual …

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Sifra international

For over thirty years, our company has been a benchmark in the industry for the production of rollers and other accessories designed for the most varied applications.

Sifra International was established in 1981, founded by Mariano Bandera; for the first ten years, the company’s main activity was the trade of wheels, then since the early 90s, thanks to the passion, the vision and great technical competence of the management, Sifra International has geared and specialized in the production of rollers, wheels and polyurethane and rubber lined plates designed and manufactured for a functional application in the most diverse sectors and applications.

What distinguishes Sifra International is a great know-how and numerous case histories, so here is the meaning of our slogan “Global Roller’s Company” – commitment and global awareness, both for the product, managed globally, and worldwide references that support and highlight our attitude

Our consulting and experienced approach allows us to support the customer in every phase of the entrusted work, even advising him about the lining materials and the construction of items, depending on the application areas.

Sifra International is a constantly evolving company: permanent research and innovation steady deepening and continuous development are the fundamental characteristics of the company. Sifra International staff is aimed at getting and offering its customers the highest standards of quality, reliable and innovative solutions with high added value. All this has allowed the company to expand its market both nationally and internationally.

We boast a professional team, which with its deep technical knowledge, specialized skills and the extensive expertise of the case histories allows us to offer a complete service, from design to implementation according to the drawing of our products.

Sifra international

Thanks to the departments which are structured within the company, Sifra International works optimally with its customers, both Italian and foreign ones, being able to serve and supply in an accurate and comprehensive manner the different branches of industry groups scattered throughout the world.

Thanks to its machineries with the highest technology as well as to the long experience of their use Sifra International is able to maintain performance and very high levels, ensuring an end product of the highest quality and precision.

Sifra International is certainly a point of reference for the global market in the production of rollers, thanks to the wide range of offered products, high quality standards, innovative technologies employed and the consulting service provided. We are not just suppliers, but real partners qualified by expertise, which enables us to guarantee a right value for money.