Sifra International provides rubber liners selected according to the compound best suited for each individual need and application.

Rubber Linings

Sifra International's rubber liners meet countless technical specifications required by manufacturing processes using rubberized rollers.

They can be applied in various industries including steel, textiles, graphics, paper, packaging, and wood and plastics.

Sifra International rubber rollers optimally withstand the burden of static and dynamic stresses. They effectively resist the action of solvents, concentrated bases and acids, and high temperatures.

Our work process: precise and rigorous.

Sifra International follows a strict manufacturing process in polyurethane production, and all of the following steps are strictly adhered to:

  • Sandblasting the purpose of this process is to clean and roughen the area to be coated, so as to promote adhesion between adhesive and metal.
  • Degreasing the process aims to remove traces of cutting oil or grease from the workpiece to be coated.
  • Pickling removes any residual dust and dirt after blasting from the material to be coated (rollers, wheels,etc.).
  • Fixing thanks to specific primers perfected by us, this process has the function of ensuring polyurethane/metal adhesion by means of a thin, homogeneous film of adhesive that is spread on the roller.

The final stage of the process

Finally, we continue with rubber coating, autoclave vulcanization, turning or grinding according to drawing requirements, and finally, where required, mounting of bearings and mounts.

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