Coating on metal parts

Sifra International, applies the advanced research for special projects, such coating on rollers and wheels, and deposit of one or more linings of material of various chemical composition on them. The purpose of the coating is to increase the physical and mechanical characteristics of the treated piece. In addition, coating ensures to avoid any geometric alteration of the part to be treated. It’s possible to lay the most varied alloy coatings through several technologies in particular metal alloys (Hastelloy, stellites), carbides of tungsten, electrolytic chromium coatings, electroplated nickel- chromium, ceramics with chromium oxides, titanium or zirconium, the metallization (thermo spray – for surfacing of alloys of bronze, copper, aluminum, molybdenum), APS (air plasma spraying – plasma process for ceramic coatings, oxides of chromium, aluminum, titanium and carbides). Roller coating may be used in cases where the anti-wear and anti-corrosion of any part are a fundamental prerogative.

Sifra International is able to offer the following processes:

  • HVOF – High velocityoxygen fuel, flamization process to produce metal alloys coating with very low porosity
  • Metalization – Termospray, ideal for bronze, copper, aluminum and molybdenum alloys coating.
  • APS – Air plasma spray, plasma process for ceramic coatings, oxides of chromium, aluminum, titanium and carbides
  • Galvanic treatments – Chrome plating – Electrolytic chromium coating, nickel-chromium electroplating. Complete supply of new rollers and wheels and to be restored with preparation and finishing of chrome plated and non- chrome plated parts . Guarantee of uniformity and adhesion of the coating.


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