Waterproofness and protection from mechanical and chemical wear and tear

Spray polyurethane foam

Spray polyurethane foam is a particular type of polyurethane impermeable to water used in cases where a protection on zones of products subject to mechanical and chemical wear is required.

Spray polyurethane is a two-component polyurethane elastomeric system free of solvents and plasticizers. 

The high mechanical strength values inherent in spray polyurethane are combined with a high degree of elasticity which enable the laid coating to resist deformation. The cured product resists temperature changes very well and its modulus of elasticity remains virtually constant for temperatures between -40°C and +160°C.

The spray polyurethane does not require molds and thus allows for faster and more economical realization than poured polyurethane; it also has excellent resistance to various chemical agents and in particular to antifreeze salt solutions, hydrocarbons, mineral oils, alkalis and dilute acids.

They are coated with sprayed polyurethane especially hoppersaugersmineral chutes and conveyors and the like, vibrating tanks e buratticyclones, tanks and pipes Both internally and externally.

The surface of spray polyurethane is not as smooth as that of simple cast polyurethane, but has an "orange peel" finish.

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