Construction of rollers and wheels, rubber and polyurethane linings

Industrial Roller Production

With the support of the best available technologies, Sifra International is specialized in the supply of metal parts, polyurethane, rubber, and other special material linings such as coating on metal alloys, chromium plating, spray polyurethane foam and thermoplastic materials.

The production of Sifra International is highly specialized, thanks to the constant research carried out by the staff and the continuous development promoted by the management.

The range of products is widely articulated and diversified, consolidating and characterizing thereby the vocation of a company with high segmentation and penetration capacity in all the specific fields of application of the rollers in industrial processes.

It is important to know that any industrial application, is characterized by specific requirements and elements. Thanks to our wide range of roller linings, including all kinds of rubber, polyurethanes and silicones, Sifra International can evaluate and advise you about the whole options in order to take better decisions.

Comprehensive technical support

Relying on Sifra International for the complete management of lined items means receiving comprehensive technical assistance, including upgrade services, maintenance and check-up tailored to site inspections on perfect production performances, which are necessary for the optimization of industrial cycles

Sifra International has an internal and proprietary production department which allows the management the operations and processes listed below:

Rollers and wheels

  • Max diameter of 700 mm over a length of 5.500 mm
  • Maximum diameter that can be turned and ground 1,350 mm x length 5,600 mm
  • Bridge crane with a maximum capacity of 8.5 tons
  • Manual sandblasting machine 6,000 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm
  • Automatic sandblasting machine maximum Ø in tunnel 750 mm x length 5,000 mm
  • Balancing machine Maximum rotating Ø 1,900 mm x length 7,100 mm 

In addition to standardized operations, it’s possible to carry out additional processes such as:

  • Coating of heads and necks
  • Manufacturing of drip rings/collectors
  • Coating of variable hardness (on the same board)
  • C with browned or tapered grinding
  • Conical or biconical grindings
  • (single or crossed) axial and radial helical grooves
  • Special metal profiles on demand or according to drawing

The production autonomy provides full control of all stages of the contract as well as full compliance with the customer requirements, thus ensuring the conformity of the production process and work execution quality warranty. These are features, that a few suppliers can boast and which make Sifra International a leading company in this sector.

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