The strategy of Sifra International Group is focused on strengthening the company on the market bringing it to a stable role of dominance in the Italian industrial sector.

Thanks to its thirty years of experience and high level of expertise and professionalism, Sifra International aims at consolidating also in the global market.
Innovation, studying and painstaking research for increasingly new materials, linings and application areas for its products are a fixed and constant target of Sifra International.

Sifra International Group aims strategically at constant evolution as well as at strengthening and technological development that will make the company able to predict and anticipate requirements and trends of the target market.

Sifra International wants to achieve an even greater level of expertise to offer its customers cutting-edge items, innovative products with the most advanced technologies and highly performing.

Sifra International is a strong entrepreneurial reality, in the national industrial sector, strategically oriented to the consolidation of its presence in this market segment, but also aimed at expanding on a global scale. Pursuant to thirty years of experience of the company and the long term vision of its ownership and management, it stands as a reliable partner and unique referent for multinational corporations equally for Italian and foreign companies.


Choosing Sifra International as supplier, referent, partner means relying on a solid and competent group, with thirty years of experience in the industrial field and a deep technical knowledge. A company that knows how to innovate and find increasingly new application technologies and innovative lining materials for its own items.

Flexibility, typically Italian “passional” entrepreneurship with a vocation to the overall quality of product and processing.

Specialization in the segment and diligence in the craft complete the unique profile of Sifra International.

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