Manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process:

Sifra International follows a rigorous manufacturing process for the production of polyurethane and all the following steps are strictly adhered to:

  • Sandblasting this process has the purpose to clean and roughen the area to be lined, so as to favour the adhesion between adhesive and metal.
  • Degreasing This process has the objective of eliminating impurities or traces of cutting oil or grease from the workpiece to be lined.

  • Pickling this process has the function of eliminating any residues of dust and dirt after sandblasting from the material to be lined (rollers, wheels, etc.).
  • Cementing hanks to specific primers we improved, this process has the function of ensuring the adhesion between polyurethane / metal by a thin and homogeneous layer of glue that is spread on the roller.
  • Finally we continue with the process of casting, curing, turning or final grinding of the material, then we carry out the assembly of bearings and supports and where required also packaging and storage.


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